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Jaguar XK 140 Fixed head coupé

XK 140 restored daily driver

This cool Jag XK 140 gets driven a lot the owner loves it and loves driving it. He says the Jaguar was restored to be used and not just sit in a garage.

The XK140 was introduced in late 1954 and sold as a 1955 model. Production 1954–1957. Production of Fixed-head Coupe: Right-hand 839, Left-hand 1959, Total 2798. Curb weight 3,136–3,248 lb (1,422–1,473 kg)

Some interesting things about Jaguar XK 140

It is more comfortable and bigger inside then 120 because they moved the engine forward which made the car oversteer more then understeer, a lot of drivers throw them in nice controllable drifts through the turns. The shifter is quite long so this could have been adjusted if you were racing in one of those cars back in the day. These cars had some good brake, suspension, and steering for their time. Of course, the straight-six engine in those cars was very though people back then even race them in endurance races. In the back, there is a red shield with the words 'Winner Le Mans 1951-3'. One of the pain in the butt things about the car is replacing the battery if it is in the original location. This Jag wast first to come with an automatic transmission option, a 3-speed Borg-Warner.