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Novetta Car - created by Steve Briscoe

Story of Building Car from Scratch

Novetta Car - How to Build a car or Kit Car from scratch - DIY car created by Steve Briscoe

Few Words from Steve:
This is the story of the NOVETTA. A reality thanks to friends like George Baldwin, Gregg Grisham, Johathan Williams, Mike Ray, Rob Qualls, of course, my wife Denise and so many more. Two decades in the making between raising kids, making a living, and moving cross country this is my automotive dream come true. The Novetta is a car designed and built from scratch as an homage to the sports racers of the late ’60s, my favorite era. It is the exotic I could never afford, with its tubular steel frame, fiberglass body, and hand fabricated elements too numerous to mention. It is a one-of-a-kind creation that began in my mind and lives in my garage. Thanks to for this amazing video documenting the dream I call the Novetta.